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This food-grade pressure tank holds 3 gallons of wine, and is needed when filtering wine (but not beer). It is extremely easy to use - just load your Plate Filter with pads (not included), fill your tank with wine, and pump gently to start filtering. It includes a hose to attach to the inlet of your plate filter.

This tank is recommended if you like sparklingly clear white wine (it is usually a waste of time to filter red wine).

This shows the Plate Filter with the optional Pressure Tank. Just assemble the filter with filter pads, fill the tank with your wine, and pump gently to filter directly into bottles.

Sep 21, 2018 by Connie Sevier

Q: Is tubing & connectors included w/pressure tank and plate filter?

A: With the Tank and Plate Filler, tubing is included to connect them, and a length of tubing is included on the outlet of the filter to put into a wine bottle to fill.

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