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This adapter from Keg King turns any faucet into a flow control faucet. Install this between your shank and your existing faucet to turn your tap int a flow control tap. It comes with an Allen Key to lock it into position once you have the correct flow adjusted.  Fits any standard beer shank and any standard beer faucet.

Note: You will also need a Faucet Head Gasket (item Q98) to seal this to your shank. This is not included, but you can add it to your cart above.
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Review by Veronica on 10/20/2021

After a while I did get it to seal and work properly but the wobble is just too annoying. No matter what I do the wobble persists. I tried adding orings and washers here and there but that would either keep the flow control from working or it just wouldn't tighten properly. Save your money and just get a faucet with flow control.

Great idea, flawed execution

Review by Steve Nieradka on 6/1/2021

I had hopes that this would work out for me despite some problems indicated in the reviews. Unfortunately I experience the wobbling others have, as well as a persistent leak from adjustment part of this device (not the exterior seals and using the gasket). I tried to make this work a number of times as connecting it can be tricky, but this past weekend's attempt was the last. The constant leak from the adjustment part of this device makes it unusable.

Works good

Review by Scott on 12/27/2020

I wasn't sure I wanted to spend the money on something that had so many poor reviews. I was getting desperate because long beer lines wasn't cutting it. I went ahead and bought one with the recommended gasket and it works great. I pour a perfect beer every time. It takes about 5 seconds to dial in and lock down. In the bad reviews they make no mention of using the recommended gasket and I wonder if that it is why they leaked. So if you decide to buy one make sure you get the recommended gasket.

Love these for fridge

Review by Dennis on 11/27/2020

Put them on kegs to control foaming w/out a long run of line. Work great, they take some practice and fuss to set up, but totally great when in use.

Terrible product. Good service.

Review by Adrian on 10/21/2020

I've come to expect good quality from Keg King, but these adapters were not a good example. At best, when attached to my Intertap faucets, they were wobbly. At worst, with some faucets, they just would not tighten down enough on the "teeth" to stop from turning freely. Therefore, they were useless. Fortunately, with one short call, William's refunded my money, without having to ship the adapters back.

Jan 04, 2018 by Ben

Q: Will this work with the Intertap stainless keg faucet R53?

A: Yes, although it is better suited to a wall mounted or tower faucet since it adds length, weight and a little wobble to the faucet. It may be a bit excessive to have on a keg mounted faucet.

Aug 10, 2017 by Dirk Franzen

Q: Same problem as Jeff, leaks like crazy. I bought three. On the bright side, thanks for getting my order to me so quickly.

A: Gaskets are in the mail for all customers who purchased this product. This will fix the problem.

Aug 09, 2017 by Jeff

Q: I bought 2 of these and neither gets tight when installed. It leaked till i put a washer on, then the spout is on tight but yet it is loose and feels like it will fall off. What am I doing wrong? It almost feels like it isn't made to work with perlick tap

A: We shipped some without the needed Q98 gasket. We will send your gaskets out today at no charge.

Aug 07, 2017 by BRUCE

Q: How long is the adapter? I have standard perlick faucets mounted on my converted refrigerator door and want to make sure they will not extend beyond my drip pan.

A: 2" long

Aug 06, 2017 by Trevor

Q: What material is this adapter made from? Stainless steel?

A: Solid stainless steel

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