Brewer's Edge® Hydrometer

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Glass Hydrometer Jar
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Our basic Brewer's Edge hydrometer is an essential tool for every brewer and winemaker. An accurate, high quality instrument with precise 1° calibrations. 12” long, specific gravity scale 0.980 to 1.130, wide enough for both brewing and winemaking. Imported.
This closeup shows the individual specific gravity calibrations of the Brewer's Edge full-range hydrometer.
Average rating 7.7 out of 10 ( based on 10 reviews )


Review by Al on 11/19/2022

the hydrometer works great, no problems with the shipping.

Very heavy piece

Review by Jared on 4/18/2021

This hydrometer is very heavy and sinks to the bottom of my jars, especially when I’m measuring an attenuated fermentation William's Responds: If it sinks to the bottom check the calibration. Put it water at 60 degrees F and it should read 1.000 plus or minus a degree. If it does not, contact customer service at or 800-759-6025 and we will take care of it.


Review by joel jeansonne on 9/29/2017

Product as described

Good but delicate

Review by Jeremy Robinson on 5/8/2014

very easy to use, but be very careful drying/cleaning it... the top portion will snap easily if torqued

Case opens at both ends

Review by surinder on 3/23/2013

Would love to tell you how this product works but mine fell out of the bottom of the case. Why is the bottom not sealed?!? First thing anyone should do is tape one end of the case shut. This is a common problem, read other posts, why does Williams brewing not just tape one end shut for their customers? The margins on this item cannot be that high.!

Jun 11, 2021 by Ken E Tyner

Q: What temperature is this hydrometer calibrated.

A: 60 degrees F.

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