Grainfather G30 220 Volt Replacement Boiler

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This is a replacement G30 220 volt boiler that includes the pump but does not include other parts like the recirculation piping, controller, inner basket, filter, or chiller.  This replaces your out of warranty or damaged G30 220 volt boiler.  

Note: You cannot convert a 110 volt Grainfather to 220 volt with this unit as it is not compatible with the 110 volt controller.

Apr 28, 2022 by Steve

Q: Do you sell the replacement boiler for the G30 110 volt?

A: No we do not.

Apr 25, 2022 by Gray Max

Q: If I bought this and a matching controller, would all other components (pipes, plates etc.) of the 110 volt G30 work?

A: Theoretically it should, although Grainfather has made small changes in things like pipe sizes and fittings over the years, and yours may not all transfer over without the need for a modification.

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