Mash & Boil Still Lid

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This stainless lid features a built in silicone seal, and seals tightly to the Mash & Boil lid clips. This has a 47mm hole in the center for attaching a still.  Use with a Condensor (items P34, C05, or C10 sold separately)  to act as a condensing unit. 12.5" overall width.

Or put a #10 stopper with airlock in the hole to convert your Mash & Boil with lid clips into a fermenter (see the thumbnail above).

This also fits Anvil Foundry units. This does not fit the Grainfather or Robobrew.

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Review by Bobby Lewis on 4/19/2019

I made a adaptor for my standard still condenser and it is great for seven gallon batches and no propane fumes or heat.

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Feb 26, 2018 by Gerrod

Q: What is the outside diameter of the MASH & BOIL lid?

A: 12¾"

Oct 22, 2017 by Alex Camarota

Q: There appears to be some debate as to whether silicone is safe in a distillation environment where it is being exposed to highly corrosive vapors at high temperatures. Did you look into this before deciding to sell this product?

A: The silicone Gaskets used in the Mash & Boil, Robobrew, and Grainfather distilling lids are made of platinum cured silicone, and are safe for their intended purpose.

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