1/2" Heavy Wall Thermoplastic Tubing (Sold Per Foot)

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This Thermoplastic tubing can withstand temperatures of 275 degrees F., and is food grade. Ideal for piping wort into wort chillers. This tubing is 1/2" in interior diameter, and 5/8" in exterior diameter (3/32" wall).  Order this heavier wall tubing if you plan to use a pump (it also works for gravity feed). This is the tubing at the left in the above picture.

Sold per foot, when you enter a quantity of 5, for example, you will get one five foot length. Maximum continuous length is 50' feet, for example, if you order a quantity of 55, you will get one 50' roll and one 5' section.

Average rating 9.5 out of 10 ( based on 4 reviews )

Great Product

Review by chris on 12/14/2020

Works great I used it set up pump for sparging. Used 1st time today and worked great.

Great Product

Review by Alan on 1/23/2016

I use this to transfer hot wort from my boil kettle to my chiller, and then to the carboy. Works great!!!

Works great for steam injection

Review by eyeintheworld on 1/20/2012

I use this tubing connected to a 22 qt pressure cooker to inject steam through a 1/2 in copper pipe manifold into my 10 gal round Igloo cooler mash tun. It works great for steam injection because it's durable, and thicker than the normal vinyl tubing. As stated in another review, the disadvantage in using this for other purposes, like transferring wort, is that it's not clear, so it's harder to tell if you have flow issues. Other than that, highly recommended, as a durable, high temp, multi-use tubing.

Thermoplastic Tubing

Review by J.H. on 7/29/2008

Pros: Withstands boiling temps. Soft enough to easily get on and off barb fittings. Durable (I have used mine over and over and cycle PBW through it to clean the insides.) Better than hardware store vinyl. Cheaper than silicone.

Cons: Will kink if you try to make a tight bend, but not an issue if you plan out the placement of kettles, pumps, etc. Cannot see inside.

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