Whirlfloc T Tablets

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This refined Irish Moss product helps clear unwanted haze causing proteins from the boil. This is in tablet form - just add one tablet to 5 gallons of wort halfway through the boil. 
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Does the job

Review by Randy on 1/18/2021

I add one tablet near the end of the boil. It does a great job clarifying during primary fermentation. Beer is super clear when I transfer to the secondary fermenter. As far as I can tell, it doesn't add any off-flavors to the beer. Exactly what I want.

Worked Great!!!!

Review by chris on 1/24/2018

Greatly helped to pricipatate sediment quickly.


Review by William Presentati on 9/27/2016

I use 1/2 tab per 5 gallon batch (crushed) and my bottle-conditioned unfiltered beers always come out crystal clear. Plus it is fun to add to the end of the boil and watch it foam up like a witch's brew.


Review by Thomas on 1/29/2016

I use 1/2 tablet per 5 gallon batch and am content with my beers.


Review by William on 2/3/2014

I like not needing to measure out Irish moss. Just toss one in each batch and they do the job. Two for strong beers. The cost is reasonable as well.

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