5000 ml Yeast Bottle

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If you make yeast starters, our heat-resistant glass Erlenmeyer flasks are perfect for preparing the starter solution and growing the yeast. Put the bottle directly on your stove to boil and then cool (with the bottle sealed with a foam stopper) before adding yeast to minimize the chance of infection. Withstands temperatures of over 700 F.

 This large 5000 mL bottle is 15" tall, and 9.5" wide at the base.  Use our Foam Stopper (item Q02) as an airlock to seal while making yeast starters.

NOTE: These are general laboratory studen grade made in China, and may have small bubbles in the glass or other imperfections that will not affect use.

A gas stove is recommended, as electric burners can cause the glass to crack.

Average rating 7.2 out of 10 ( based on 5 reviews )

5000 ml yeast bottle

Review by Mike on 5/7/2020

Has a small bubble within the glass near the top and has formed a small crack...not sure how long this will last.

Worked until it broke

Review by Matt Katakura on 1/3/2019

Worked well, only used gas stove to heat, maybe shouldn't have for the size. The neck separated from the rest about 3 inches from the top. good thing it broke the way it did(mysteriously). China made. Probably the only thing that ever broke or I was unhappy with from Williams as this flask actually lasted a good amount of times with numerous uses both homebrew and pro. Be careful heating. Unless this brand has changed. The one made in Guengdong I suggest sanitizing and adding chilled solutions to.

scuffed and stained

Review by Joe Theobald on 10/15/2018

I received 2 of these items. 1 has scuffs on the inside around the neck, the other has a dark brown stain on the inside glass near the bottom. They appear to have been used. We do not sell used products, although our flasks are 'student grade' which means they can have small imperfections. We have contacted you and have asked you what you want us to do to fix this. Thanks for your business!

Perfect for harvesting

Review by Geoffrey on 1/25/2014

I use this along with my stir plate to make enough yeast for a 10 gallon batch and enough for yeast harvesting. I find this much easier than doing separate starters in my 2000 ml flasks (plus I only have 1 stir plate). I've started putting some leftover hops in my 4-5L starters and then bottling them as a light beer--great for the wife and you don't have to waste a gallon of beer!

Great for large batches.

Review by Jake on 9/6/2011

This flask is comically large. However it is fantastic for making large yeast starter for 10+ gallon batches. The only problem is that is tough to find a stir plate that can adequately accommodate the flasks base diameter at a reasonable price.

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