2 Lbs. Colombian Aponte Honey Process

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Colombian Aponte Honey process coffee from Narino, Colombia. This is a full flavored Central American coffee, and is one of the better Colombians we have seen this year. 

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Average rating 9.6 out of 10 ( based on 5 reviews )

Better move over.

Review by Bubs Daddy on 10/16/2021

Buy this now, it is excellent. Move over Juan Valdez.

Something Special!

Review by Patty on 3/28/2021

Okay.......I roasted it, I brewed it, I served it. But my husband said it, "This coffee is excellent!" I agreed and ordered more! This small plantation Columbian coffee is something special. The beautifully colored beans are easy to roast, even in a simple cast iron pot over an open flame outdoors, my new roasting style. The medium dark roast produced layers of flavor and satisfaction, and serves well as a morning eye-opener or an afternoon cup with a cookie. If you thought Columbian too mundane, not worth your time as a home roaster, think again and try this special coffee.

Delicious Colombian

Review by Charles on 3/20/2018

I am not actually a fan of Colombian, but I do like this, and everyone I made it for enjoyed it. I made a 60% Lucerno and 40% Vietnam Robusta, both dark roast (roast separate) and that was quite enjoyable as a morning cup. Thank you for the quality you bring to me. It's out of stock already, oh the woes!

A good Colombian with umph!

Review by Norm on 1/24/2018

Smooth enough if rested a few days, and still with good punch. I made the error of roasting to city level, cooling, grinding, 10min later brewing with boiling water in a French press. The result was, I came very close to death from caffeine, (Not a joke on the death part) so please let the stuff rest a bit before you brew (your hart will thank you). So after 5 days resting (in bean format) then ground and brewed, it is a pretty good coffee for the morning wakeup.

Colombian Cafe Lucero

Review by Mr.Roy on 11/5/2017

Most excellent Colombian Coffee, it has the most excellent flavors and snap. Going to be my go to Colombian coffee.

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