2 Lbs. Mexican Custapec

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A high grown coffee from the Custapec valley of Mexico. A medium bodied, very clean and mild coffee, with an acidity reminiscent of dry white wine. Extremely versatile in terms of roast, Custepec can be considered an all-purpose coffee, working well straight, or as a blender to reduce the boldness of Sumatran or Colombian coffees. Two pound bag.


Average rating 8.5 out of 10 ( based on 4 reviews )

Extremely Mild

Review by Roger H. on 6/22/2007

Pros: This coffee will not bite you. This is a very mello cup, with no bite.

Cons: One might call this coffee bland. Even roasted very dark, this coffee has little character. A good coffee to use as filler or for those friends who like to add flavored creamers to their coffees.

A Favorite!

Review by jon on 8/4/2014

I love this coffee! It is very smooth and easy to drink, and even roasted very dark never gets overwhelmingly bitter. It's also a really great mixer, especially with Columbian or Kenya AA.

Good Stuff!

Review by ALAN PETERS on 4/10/2020

I've always liked Mexican coffee and this is pretty good. I roast it in a popcorn popper I modified, very tasty. I'm not up on all of the taste descriptions like wine people are but it has great flavor. I'll order it again. Recommended...

Great Coffee

Review by shande on 4/23/2020

Bought just one bag to try. Great flavor and aroma. Mild bitterness. Will order again.

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