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works great

Review by Daniel on 2/12/2014

Makes cleaning carboys and kegs simple. Just soak for a few hours and all the gunk comes right off. very little to no scrubbing involved. I highly recommend this product.

Only cleaner I use

Review by John Anderson on 5/19/2016

PBW is the best cleanser I've used to date...It gets off even the worst sticky burnt messes like scorched wort and it works for everything in my set-up, not just bottles. Hoses, pots, pumps, spoons & paddle, MT, RIM tubing inside and out, At the end of every brew session, I save about 1/4 of the hot / warm water in my HLT to mix with some PBW. Then use it to cycle through my pumps, hoses, SS tubing, ect. I don't so much rely on it's "sanitizing" properties though. I leave that up to the Star San. Highly recommend as a cleanser. I even ordered one of the small packets of PBW to give to a friend of mine so he could see how great the stuff is. ( Well, I wasn't going to give him MY PBW, LoL ) Williams shipping was fast and courteous as always. J.Anderson


Review by Paul on 9/15/2017

A must have for running a post brew cleaning loop

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