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A Great Experience

Review by Douglas L. on 5/30/2009

Pros: This was my 5th beer kit, and my first from Williams. It was great experience and my next kit will definitely come from Williams. I ordered the kit on a Sunday afternoon, and it arrived on Tuesday afternoon. The yeast pouch said to use within 6 months of the manufacturing date was only about 2 weeks old. As a former beekeeper I am familiar with fresh unpasteurized honey, and that is exactly what was included in the kit. It is a good thing too, because the honey taste is the first thing I experienced when I tasted the finished beer. It was just too good for words. Obviously, somebody at Williams spent a lot of time developing this kit and the instructions that came with it. The brewing and bottling were easy, and went exactly according to the directions. I usually have about a page of notes in my brewing notebook describing the brewing process, but with this kit I just put the date on the instructions and placed them in the notebook. It was very professionally done, and a very nice change from my previous experiences. Oh yeah, the beer is sensational. It is a very smooth with a light malt taste, and of course that very pleasant taste of honey. It a refreshing beer in warm weather and I will definitely purchase this kit again next spring.

Cons: None!

The Best

Review by Dennis D. on 5/16/2009

Pros: Easy to brew. Great taste. Smooth.

Cons: none

Brew Kit, honey cream ale

Review by Duncan M. on 5/4/2009

Pros: First and last beer kit to be purchased from William's Brewing. Could have, should have, been a good kit. Color looked good, nice light. Was very disappointed with the product.

Cons: Kit was outdated, took yeast three days to get to a pitchable state. Extract "curdled" in the pot. Perfectly following procedures, beer would not carbonate in the bottles.

My favorite so far

Review by Joseph Y. on 5/2/2009

Pros: I have made 5 different brews from Williams. I have loved them all but this is my favorite. Light and refreshing with a nose of honey.

Cons: None

great tasting

Review by julie k. on 5/1/2009

Pros: This beer has a great creamy taste I have made it 2 times I highly recomend this one. Has a nice light clear color.