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Apricot Ale

Review by ANTHONY P. on 9/16/2005

Pros: Everyone loved this one! Not too sweet, not too fruity, but just right. Nice color with a very creamy head. Very smooth and drinkable.

Blue Ribbon Ale!

Review by ROBERT R. on 9/16/2005

Pros: I normally add a few things (crystal malts, more hops, etc.) to your kits to customize them to my taste, but in this case I followed the directions faithfully. The result tasted great after 2 weeks in the bottle ( bottled 6/12/05), and has continued to improve since then. I recently entered a bottle in judging at a local agricultural fair, and it won a blue ribbon for its catagory! The apricot flavor has increased over time, and it remains relatively dry and not over-sweet. I highly recommend it as a summer thirst quencher...even to those (who like myself) do not ordinarily prefer fruit flavored beers.

Cons: none that I can think of.

Back to brewing after many years

Review by DAVID B. on 11/19/2005

Pros: Came back to home brewing after many years and, of course, tried the one I remembered as the best. Price was close to or maybe even the same, which was a pleasant surprise. This kit makes consistently good beer, with a mild and not overpoweringly sweet apricot flavor. It is an absolute hit with everyone who has tried it. It is easy to make and great for beginners.

Cons: Was a bit yeasty after two weeks but improved immensely after the third week.

Great Summer Refresher

Review by killrwv7703 on 12/23/2005

Pros: This a very easy kit, perfect for beginners. It produces a light, slighty malty ale with a tasty sweet apricot finish that is not overpowering like too many of the commercially produced fruit ales are. My mom's favorite.

Cons: None

Better and better

Review by ROBERT R. on 1/14/2006

Pros: For what it's worth, this is my second review of the same batch. After 7 months in the bottle, this ale continues to improve. It's drier now, with slightly less apricot taste...its fruitiness is now almost like the taste of hops in a west coast style pale ale. I'm about to order another kit to make now for drinking this coming summer.

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