Average rating 9.12 out of 10 ( based on 50 reviews )

Great kegerator

Review by Jeff on 7/29/2020

Overall I'm very happy with the purchase. It holds temperature well, I love the fact that it has two ports in the back for gas (I plan to add a stout tap as well), and it's very roomy inside. The tower cooling is what clinched the deal for me. A couple caveats affected my rating though. First, the tower came with no insulation. The setup video shows that at least the model demoed came with it. I was able to find some flexible packing foam and give it a custom fit, so that eliminated the condensation issue. Secondly, the temperature display. I understand that blue displays are all the rage these days, but to have it on full time with the intensity of the noon day sun is a bit much. Either a dimmer or the ability to set a timeout would be a big plus. I've taped a cover flap in place so it doesn't illuminate the entire house at night. I'd recommend skipping the flow control taps in favor of adding extra line or using flow control disconnects (if you can find them).

Outstanding product even better service

Review by Jim Smith on 7/5/2020

Some products just deserve a simple wow, this is one of them! The kegerator is very well made, feature rich and easy to setup especially when the unique fittings are included. A quick tour of Youtube found several great videos on how to assemble the unit. It's now installed and working wonderfully, the fan is a bit noisy but well within limits of acceptable noise levels. Because of the weight, 150#~ it ships by freight line, expect a delay, but it was worth the wait. Once again WB lived up to the commitment of shipping same day when the order is placed. Even though we are coast to coast distance, NC-CA, I will still buy from WB when ever I need something.


Review by Steve on 6/30/2020

Replaced Beverage Air. With this unit. New one has a lot more plastic but works as it should and it is much quieter. The compressor is tiny compared to my old unit and consumes way less electricity.


Review by BP on 5/29/2020

The Kegerator is an excellent machine, with the temp control you can bring down the temp and the beer comes out super. Aesthetically, look great so it could be placed anywhere in the house and looks cool. I definitely recommend it!

Kegland Keg Master Series 4

Review by Ken Hance on 5/22/2020

Nice features, quality is good so far. We have been enjoying beer during our Covid19 isolation. Very convenient and it looks really cool!