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Very good kegerator but.....

Review by Dave on 7/31/2019

1) As noted in prior reviews there are no written instructions. This is unfortunate because the only way to know if your are putting it together properly is to keep pausing the video on the website. Not a deal breaker, but annoying. 2) In the video, the kiwi gentleman states that, "starting in 2019 we will be including updated hoses and clamps for our systems." Okay great. However, when I received it, I had what must be the old setup because all of my hoses were 5 by 8 and the clamps were the old "T" fittings. To get the hoses to fit on the fittings you have to hold the ends in boiling water. None of this is stated in the video because they are demonstrating the updated system. Again, not a deal breaker but annoying. 3) In the back of the kegerator you have to drill a hole through the fitting so the gas line fits tight otherwise there is open space. Williams was not available on a Saturday to answer the phone when I called for questions even though they were supposed to be opened. William's Responds: Yes, the KegLand video mentions DuoTight fittings that have not arrived stateside yet. We have removed the video from our website until this has been corrected. Yes, KegLand has decided to do away with written instructions with many of their products, although we have a PDF of the Kegerator assembly instructions on our website. We are open Saturdays 8-2 Pacific Time all year, except we are closed July 6th (our slowest weekend) as stated on our website. Perhaps you called on July 6th?

Kegland Series 4

Review by Ryan Gulino on 7/31/2019

This was purchased by my girlfriend for me so I could get back into brewing. I chose not to purchase the Lift Gate Delivery because I thought “ what kind of delivery service is not going to take the item off the truck for you “? I was right. The delivery guy was willing to bring it all the way in the house but I needed to go around to the garage so I loaded it into my dolly and said thank you. Once I waited the 24 hours, I began assembly and from the YouTube instructional video it was very easy to put together. I brewed my first batch and fermented at 68 degrees F. It held a good consistent temp during the process. Once I had the beer kegged, I maintain the temp around 38F. Temp does seem to be consistently off by 2 degrees so I have adjusted accordingly. It makes a different sound than an older unit because the new refrigerant but it doesn’t bother me. Very happy with purchase.

Quality kegerator at a great price

Review by Steve T on 7/28/2019

I was just about to pull the trigger on a different brand when I came across this unit. To get the same features with the other brand would have cost at least $300 more. This unit has performed flawlessly for the 3 months I've owned it, and it also has the added advantage of Intertap faucets, which are just awesome. Delivery was handled very well. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this kegerator.

Best value and great service

Review by Hank Smith on 5/4/2019

I shopped around and did my research before purchasing this Kegerator from William’s Brewing. I couldn’t be happier with it. Overall, it is high quality. No parts were missing or defective. I could have put it together in a couple of hours, but I took my time over a couple of days and made a few minor modifications / additions such as adding a 4-way gas distributor, swivel nuts on all lines, and a neoprene sleeve for the tower. The only difficulty I had was tightening the nut on the middle faucet. It is lower inside the tower than the right and left faucets and the tool provided barely fits and reaches. It will require patience and tinkering to figure out. You simply will not find a better value for what you get. I’d have easily paid $200 to $300 more for similar features in the other kegerators that I looked at. William’s Brewing Customer Service was a great help answering my many questions about delivery options. Surprisingly, delivery was FREE to ship this country.


Review by Brad on 4/26/2019

This fridge is exactly what I wanted! It’s whisper quiet, clean looking, fits alongside a countertop/cabinet and easy to assemble. It came with all 5mm hose for gas and beer, I cut my beer lines to 11’ and with the regulator set at 12psi I get nice pours with good carbonation. You have to stick the hose in boiling water for 30 seconds or so to soften, then stick a pliers inside to widen it out to fit over the barbs of the shank ends and keg disconnects. I think one could install a 3-way gas manifold up along the glass chilling rack if they wanted instead of using the “T’s” provided in the kit. Maybe glue it in place or use a few zip ties around the screws left behind. Overall given the price for everything and the quality of the product, I think this is one of the best kegerator packages to be found, thanks to Williams Brewing for carrying such quality equipment.