Average rating 9.12 out of 10 ( based on 50 reviews )

So far, so good.

Review by Mike on 3/4/2019

It came with zero instructions, which is ok given the countless videos that can be found online. Seems a little silly all the same though that it doesn't come with some. The unit doesn't hold a temperature consistently. I have mine set to 38f, and have seen it as low as 36 and as high as 40. It's not really a problem for me, as I'm strictly using it as a kegerator currently. If however you plan to use it to ferment in, it may be helpful to know. The hole drilled in the back of the unit is a touch small, and standard remote line won't fit. I had tti remove the plastic hole insert to get mine to fit, and spray a bit of foam to seal it back. The tank holder is mostly centered on the back of the unit. I am using a 3 regulator setup, so I didn't care much how it looked direct mounted to the tank which is why I went with a remote line. All of the issues I've found are mostly minor, and it has served its purpose thus far.


Review by Tom on 2/23/2019

My first keg fridge was an basic deal with cheap taps and cheap lines and a terrible thermostat. I returned it and got this one. The kegland series 4 is perfect. It's got nice taps, all the hardware is nice, and a tower fan does a great job. The compressor could be a little quieter but that's just being picky.

Kegland Kegerator

Review by Chris on 1/31/2019

A dream come true. This is a wonderful piece of equipment.

Bought 2; Should Have Bought 4

Review by Jim Riffe on 1/30/2019

Went from 3 to 5, but wish I had 7. The temperature range is perfect. I use these for serving, lagering, yeast storage, freezer, and fermenting. Wish I had one more for additional lagering and had another one to be able to ferment both ale and lager at the same time. They are quiet and very clean looking. No matter how many you get, you just want more.

First Modern Kegerator

Review by Andrew on 1/16/2019

So after some years looking and debating I ordered this just before Christmas. So far I am pleased. The unit seems well build and the tower fan is a must. The unit is quiet and is working well. The installation instructions could use some work. I have installed kegs for years and consider myself well versed. Without that kknowledge a first timer might have some challenges. This is nothing against the unit or Williams. Perhaps the manufacturer could clean up the installation instructions.Other than that I would recommend purchasing this unit. Free shipping was great! I ordered on a Monday Afternoon and it arrived Wednesday. Very good service!