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A real show piece

Review by Eric on 10/9/2017

Love this unit. How cool to have a good looking triple tap kegerator. Have used my home made refrigerator for years but this has class. Yes, some times I just like to stand with a glass and look at it!


Review by Ryan on 9/25/2017

I got the triple faucet with flow control, and the regulator. I have been very happy with it. (I have had it for two weekends now). This kegerator seemed like the best deal for someone that wants to have the full three taps, a fan to cool the tower, and precise temperature control. Also I can confirm that you can fit a sixtle and two ball lock kegs in here if you've got the CO2 tank on the outside. You might be able to do it with the tank inside, but it would be a mess. If you look at the picture with the three kegs, would notice that one is in the back middle, and two are at the front. Take note, that's the only way to get three kegs in there and it's a little counter intuitive to me. I tried putting the back keg in the deepest corner, it doesn't work. Also if you buy the keg king D style coupler and ball lock converter, the sixtle can't be the keg in the back, it's too tall.

It works but for the money...

Review by Will on 9/23/2017

I will start by saying I wanted an all in one package, I can afford to spend to get a keggerator vs. building my own. In retrospect, I probably should have just built and saved the money. I ordered the 2 tap system, but it only came with one set of ball locks for kegs which is crazy given the price. The other weird thing is the 5mm tubing, which is tough to work with but I get it, you want it to be tight and it makes sense for the serving line. This does not fit well over the gas ball lock included. It is so small for the lock that the fasteners they include to tighter around the tubing was too small to fit around the lock connector. If there was supposed to be other tubing + connectors I did not receive any, but I doubt it because the 5mm line looks like what is intended based on the size of the whole leading out the back for the gas tank. All in all, it works, but given the price, I expect everything to be included and well thought out. Also shipping service they use is very slow. William's Brewing Responds: Sorry for the frustration you had with our Keg King Kegerator. We purposely ship them without ball lock or sanke fittings, as we want to leave it open to the customer because we do not know if the customer will be using ball lock or commercial sanke kegs. You did not order any ball locks from us, so the ball locks you received must of been from another company? Sorry for the slow shipping service, but this was due to Hurricane Harvey which hit Houston. Trucking nationwide was (and is still as of late September) backed up and delayed due to the tremendous demand for goods going to Houston and Florida. Thanks for your business, and let us know if you have any other concerns or questions!

Good Value Kegerator

Review by George on 9/1/2017

I ordered the Keg King MkIV tri-faucet w Intertap flow control taps and after having it for a few months I'm pretty happy with it. I did replace the cheap plastic tubing that came with the unit with Bevflex tubing. the only other thing i noticed is that the temperature can vary about 2 degrees higher or lower than the set point. Love the digital temp read out which makes it easy to monitor the temp. Overall I really like this Kegerator and i think it will serve me well for lagering which is one of the reasons i bought it.

Great for Wine Kegs!

Review by Melinda Wells on 7/11/2017

I ordered this product with the intent of using it for wine in kegs. I am overjoyed! I can store 2 kegs inside and serve the white from inside cold and the red from outside at room temp. It is such an economical/environmentally friendly way to serve the great wines now available in kegs (Alexandria Nicole Cellars and Wilridge Winery in Washington State are my favorites). The ground shipping to Seattle was amazing. I got it in 2 days!!!!