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Very Drinkable!

Review by Robert on 9/13/2014

Ordered the kit so I would have the beer ready for summer, got busy and didn't brew til July. The kit arrived in great condition and was refrigerated until ready to brew. Pulled yeast and smacked 3 days before ready to brew. Smack pack looked like it was ready to burst but didn't. Starting gravity was 1.052. I brewed in July and don't have temp controlled fermentation so it went at 76 degrees. Yeast took off in less than 24 hrs. very vigorous fermentation. Racked to secondary after 4 days at 1.022. After another 10 days primed and bottled @ 1.020. Sampled at 9 days in bottle, CO2 was a little low. 1 more week in bottle CO2 was perfect. 2 more weeks in bottle and it is great! Nice carbonation, Slightly sweet malty character, just the right amount of hop bitterness to balance and nice noble hop aroma. Fruity esters very noticeable, possibly from high fermentation temp. I will brew this one again. I'll try to get it brewed earlier and do 10 gallons so I have it to drink all summer.

Needs time

Review by Ric on 9/12/2014

I agree that this brew needs to sit a bit longer than some if the others.Given a bit if time to "age" though, it is really tasty.

Very tasty Ale

Review by Thomas on 5/23/2014

So having taken some time off from brewing I came back and made this and the German Ale. This is a great golden color with a rather refreshing taste to it. Good ABV level that let's you enjoy a few before kicking in. This is not a session beer though. It's a straightforward brewing exp and has a great end product. I did have a problem with carbonation after the initial 9days but as it has aged it has gotten much better and tasty. Recommend if you're starting out or getting back into HB. Enjoy.

Easy Starter Recipe

Review by David on 10/19/2013

This is the first beer I brewed. It was easy to make and turned out well. It's a pretty basic beer flavor, but that's exactly what I expected from the description.

Great, Easy brew, but give it time

Review by surinder on 3/21/2013

The brewing was easy as with all Williams kits we've tried. At first it had an off taste, which I thought maybe we contaminated the batch in some way. After letting it sit for an extra couple weeks, it really rounded out. Great beer for those that normally prefer the commercial beers.