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Old American Ale

Review by Bishop on 3/7/2009

Pros: This is the first Ale I have brewed that my wife really enjoyed. In fact she said it was one of the best beers she has sampled. My 83 year old mother-in-law came out for a visit and loved the smoothness of the beer and found it refreshing, drinking a glass every evening. I find it very easy to drink.... maybe too easy!

Cons: I expected a little more robust ale but as noted above it is a very pleasnat beer to drink and enjoy. I have to hide some of the bottled batch from my wife so I can enjoy it. ;(


Review by Rich P. on 4/29/2009

Pros: Brewed this April 10, 2009 and kegged it April 26. Nice and clean, a little fruity. Needs to set up a little yet. Looks like a good summer brew that everyone will enjoy.

Cons: Tastes a little thin but it's still early. Not a big fan of the malt pouches, but the kits are nicely organized and packaged.

Smooth and Refreshing Beer

Review by James D. on 7/1/2010

Pros: In the last two years I have returned to brewing at home. During this past summer (2009), I brewed this beer. I was patient, used a secondary fermenter and allowed the beer to age as instructed. My 83 year old mother-in-law came out for a visit and loved the beer - she usually drinks wine but for two weeks this beer became her evening ritual. It is a nice beer to introduce the Coors/Bud/Miller crowd to what real beer can taste like. Everyone has been amazed at the taste and clarity of this beer.

Cons: Gone way too fast.

Excellent for the Everyday Beer

Review by Charles on 3/25/2011

This was my inaugural brew, and I've enjoyed it. Trick is to let it age a bit before enjoying. I think I'd throw in more hops and even some Amber DME next time to up the ante of the alcohol a little and to add more complexity but even by itself it was great, and I really like the way it presents in a nice piece of glassware. CONS: I only bottled it in 12 ounce bottles and wish I'd have bottled it in 24 ounce bottles...


Review by Brant on 5/31/2012

The aroma during the boiling of this Ale was great! It smelled almost buttery. Just put them in the fridge after carbonation was complete and can't wait to taste them!

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