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The first one

Review by Erik on 9/21/2007

Pros: This was my first ever batch. New to home brewing. After my first taste of this one, all I could do was smile. That smile was on my face for a week. Super easy to brew and the taste was amazing. Could not have asked for a better first brew session.

Cons: Only one thing. I ran out.

Not what I expected.

Review by Craig on 5/14/2007

Pros: Easy. Anybody that can boil water can brew this beer. Very basic kit.

Cons: I've been brewing for a number of years and wanted to try a good old fashioned ale. I read the reviews and now I'm sorry that I believed the 9 and 10 stars that the previous people rated this beer. This beer tastes a little like Coors which I'm not a big fan of. For $32.90 I expected a lot more. There are much better kits out there than this one.

1st Attempt at Homebrewing

Review by tzer23 on 3/26/2006

Pros: I can't believe I actually made this! It was easy to make and it tastes awesome. The thing that appeals to me most is that it tastes so unbelievably fresh. A flavorful ale that has a nice lite hoppy finish. This beer would be good for someone who is just starting to drink "real beer" but doesn't want something too overpowering like an IPA or a stout. Thanks William's! Now it's time to brew a Hefe!

Cons: The only con I can think of is the small amount of sediment in the bottom each bottle but I'm getting the hang of properly pouring into a glass and leaving it in the bottle. Also, I will move to secondary fermenter next time around as this should help the sediment issue as well.

the best home brew you will like very much.

Review by Pat F. on 12/31/2005

Pros: this is the best home brew that i have made it is very good and easy to make.

Old American Ale

Review by bjhausman on 11/21/2005

Pros: A refreshing brew with great croud appeal.

Cons: After drinking the Old American Ale it is hard to try another style kit.