Sep 06, 2018 by Pete G

Q: Just want to make sure: Will item # B78 Kegland Pot Still Condensor along with # L14 Mash and boil sealed lid fit the 2nd Gen Mash and Boil (with spring clips)? OR do I have to order the # J45 Mash and Boil Pot Still Kit??? Thanks

A: Yes, B78 Kegland Pot Still Condensor and L14 fit each other, and fit the second Gen Mash & Boil.

Sep 05, 2018 by Jeff

Q: Can you make vodka with this package?

A: Yes, although in general, the taller Reflux style condensers are better suited for making gin and vodka. See our item B79, or item C05, these will fit the same lid.

Aug 14, 2018 by michael

Q: will this fit the Turbo 500?

A: Yes

Aug 08, 2018 by Mark

Q: Also wondering what side of the lid the smaller silicone gasget should be on,, Thnx

A: On the inside lid (opposite of the dome)

Aug 08, 2018 by Mark

Q: Just received this item and it Looks GREAT and fits my SS pot perfectly. I have a question though.. I notice that the thermometer fits pretty loosely in the hole. Is this normal? I think i could lose some of the alcohol coming off via this hole .

A: Yes, it fits a little loose, and any decent long stem digital thermometer will fit. The hole is sealed.

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