Shotty Beer Can Set

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Are you looking for something that is completely irresponsible?  The Shotty™ Beer Can Set allows you to chug an entire 12 ounce beer in seconds. It is a pair of 12 ounce aluminum beer cans with a recloseable pull tab and 5/16" round hole in the bottom sealed with a plastic plug.

To use, remove the plastic plug and fill with the chuggable beer of your choice. Then open the pull tab and let the beer pour down your throat. The perfectly round 5/16" hole lets the beer flow faster and with less foamy turbulence that a spiked hole in a can, and the Shotty allows you to chug the beer of your choice instead of being limited to canned commercial beers.

Reusable, just clean between uses and close the lid. Set of two.

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Shotgun Can Review

Review by Rob on 4/4/2022

My wife an I used this shotgun beercan and it was awesome! My wife has only shotgunned a couple times but this time she did it like a pro. Fun stuff!!

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