William's Brewing 60 Day Return Policy

If you are dissatisfied with any purchase, return it to us with your receipt via insured parcel carrier within 60 days of purchase (you pay return shipping charges). Note in the case of a truck shipment, you pay return truck shipping.

William's Brewing Warranty 

All equipment is guaranteed for one year against defects, and ingredients are guaranteed fresh for 6 months. 

William's Liquid Yeast Warranty Replacement Form (and exceptions for strains 1056, 1388, and 1338)

All liquid yeast sold by William's Brewing is guaranteed to start for a period of 6 months which starts with the day the yeast is shipped from our warehouse. If you have a yeast you think is defective*, please fill out the form below. We will process your request the next working day, and call or e-mail if we need any further information. Replacement packs are shipped First Class Mail.

We require a valid receipt number that is less than 6 months old for this form to be processed. If your receipt is over 6 months old, your yeast is no longer under warranty. If you have lost your receipt, call customer service at 800-770-0620 between 8 - 5 weekdays Pacific Time for warranty replacement information.

*Certain strains due to their biological nature will cause the pack to be puffy on arrival. This is noted in our paper and web catalog descriptions, and not covered under warranty if they arrive already swollen. These strains are 1056 American Ale, 1388 Belgian Strong Ale, and 1338 European Ale. We recommend you make a starter if you receive one of these packs that are puffy. Click here for our William's Yeast Starter Kit which will help grow packs that arrive puffy into plenty of yeast to start 5 gallons of wort.