William's Home Brewery

In August of 1979, when William’s Brewing was founded, the first product we developed was a Home Brewery. This featured dry malt extract, and no added sugar, which at the time, was a big advance over the imported canned beer kits that needed 3 pounds of sugar added to be strong enough to be called beer. Times have changed, and our William’s Home Brewery is now available in Home Brewery form for those who brew from malt extract, and our Mash & Boil Brewery for those who want to start brewing all grain.

Which to choose? If you want to get started in brewing and want your brewing as quick and easy as possible, pick our William’s Home Brewery (at left above), as it is based on malt extract brewing, which saves time over all grain brewing. With this option you can also save money by utilizing a brewing pot or wort chiller you may already own.

If, on the other hand, you want complete control over your beer’s flavor and composition, and don’t mind spending another hour or so doing it, consider our Home Brewery based on the Mash & Boil, which will get you started in all grain brewing the easy electric way, giving you complete control over your beers formulation and flavor. Or pick the Brewery based on the Brewzilla at upper right, another option in all grain brewing.