Kegging Equipment

No longer just something frat boys are familiar with, kegging equipment is great alternative to bottling your brews. Bottling, while great for having company or competing, can also take up a lot of space in your fridge. A keg, on the other hand, can save an active homebrewer a ton of time by bypassing the sanitation, bottling, & capping process.

KegLand Series X Kegerator

The KegLand Series X is the first kegerator specifically designed for the homebrewer. This design specfici piece of kegging equipment comes equipped with solid stainless forward seal Intertap faucets, a tower cooling fan, and even a thermostat with a large range of 26° to 82° F. The King Keg Kegerator also includes an interior glass holder to keep your glasses chilled and ready for your brew. The glass holder can also be removed to allow your kegerator to hold a larger size keg.


William’s Brewing also carries a variety of different size kegs to choose from. Whether you are in need of something more compact or a keg that holds 5 gallons of brew, William’s has a keg for you.

Keg Parts

We also carry all the various keg parts you may need. We have a variety of keg lids, valves, and poppets should you need new parts or just to keep some spares handy.

The right kegging equipment truly makes the process of homebrewing smooth like a cold beer after a long day of work, and William’s Brewing is your one-stop shop for all your supplies!