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The Keg Carbonation Lid features a .5 micron stainless airstone attached to the bottom of a standard oval keg lid with 22" of tubing. A gas ball lock fitting on the lid means you can inject C02 into your kegged beer from the bottom, and have it permeate up through the beer in fine bubbles for rapid carbonation (3-6 hours if the beer is 40° F. or less and gas pressure is 20 PSI). Fits all oval lid kegs and includes a lid sealing O ring and relief valve.

To use, install on your keg of beer and chill to 40° F or less. When cold, attach your ball lock gas line to the ball lock post on the lid, and set your dispensing pressure for 25 PSI. Leave for 6 hours and then remove the gas line. Attach your gas line to the IN side of your keg, (removing it from the lid) and release the head pressure in the keg so it is around 6 to 8 PSI. Then turn on your gas to 6-8 PSI to dispense, and your beer will be carbonated.

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This thing works awesome!

Review by Stack on 7/24/2021

I purchased one of these a few months ago and finally got around to using it this week. I forced carbed a kettle sour that has about 50% wheat grain bill. I put it on at 40 PSI and figured I’d Judy leave it there overnight. I checked it after about 3 hours and man I’m glad I did because it was just about properly carbed! I removed the lid and replaced it with the regular lid then dropped down to my regular serving pressure of 10-12 PSI, and it’s been perfect. It was a little hard to get the tubing on but it wasn’t something I couldn’t muscle. Also the tubing was quite curled so if you don’t have a mostly full keg, that could be a problem. Otherwise I highly recommend this lid!

helpful tips

Review by Shep on 5/15/2021

Kegland has a very helpful video on the Stepless Hose Clamps as well as tips for fitting 4mm ID tubing onto the standard 6.5mm barb. Takes a little effort but not hard.


Review by Jason on 1/18/2021

Out of the box, the inside diameter of the tubing is WAY too small to fit over the outside diameter of both the stone & lid barbs (as mentioned by other reviewers). I had to go to Lowe's to get a replacement tube that fit appropriately. Also there were no instructions on the hose clamps. I'm no newb, but never seen this style before & have no idea how to tighten. Again, replaced them with standard hose clamps.

It's the details

Review by Tony on 6/8/2020

For the time being I am using the setup to carbonate water. The lid is quality and the stone appears to function as needed. I was able to get very nicely carbonated water in less than 24 hours. This tells me it will work just fine for beer, kombucha or any other beverage you wish to carbonate, water being the least viscous and therefore most resistant to carbonation. My only complaint is the tubing and clamps. The tubing is very cheap and hard to work with. It doesn't want to stretch over the barbs. Introducing it to warm water made it quickly warp and become impossible to work with. I had to use silicone grease and a lot of elbow grease. Finally got it attached to both ends only to find the crimp clamps provided are undersized as well. It was very difficult to get them positioned properly for clamping. What should have been a one minute setup took closer to ten. All in all, the item shipped quickly and is working. Maybe the good folks at Williams will read this and cure.

Ex brewery owner

Review by John Campbell on 7/31/2019

Lid works well for normal carbonation or nitrogenating beer for Guinness pour. I love it.

Dec 17, 2021 by Monk

Q: Can this be used effectively with yeast and hops still in a keg which have settled to the bottom of keg after cold crashing via cutting tube length slightly above the predicted hieght of the yeast and dry hop layer?

A: As long as the tube is a few inches above the sediment, you should be fine.

Dec 11, 2021 by Veronica

Q: Presuming these are made for 5 gallon corny kegs, can you use these on 2.5 gallon corny kegs and would you need to shorten hose?

A: Yes, shorten the hose and this will work fine for 2.5 gallon kegs.

Feb 13, 2021 by Todd R

Q: Is this made in the USA?

A: This is made in China. There are no keg lids made in the USA anymore, unfortunately.

Dec 02, 2020 by Jonathan

Q: What is the size of the tubing? I need a replacement for my current lid/stone combo (which works great by the way).

A: This currently comes with 5mm by 8mm EvaBarrier tubing, but if you need a replacement, we find our PVC tubing item S10 much easier to work with and put on.

Oct 28, 2020 by Luke

Q: Can you use this with beer gas to add nitrogen to beer?

A: Yes you can.

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