5 Gallon Carboy Cap

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An airtight flexible cap with two sealable holes, for fitting a Carboy Siphon Tube in one hole, enabling you to start a siphon by blowing in the other hole. Fits our 5 gallon carboy and our 5 and 6 gallon PET plastic Better Bottles.
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Carboy cap

Review by Dan on 10/29/2020

The fit on the carboy neck is too loose. I got no action in my airlock. I solved the problem with a hose clamp.


Review by Byron on 6/1/2012

I've been using these caps (though the the kind I've been using has a thermoprobe attached and I've noticed that I get no action in my blow off tube while fermentation is going on. I suspect that it leaks around where it wraps around the carboy bung. However, I've never experienced infections from this or anything to that nature. It does the job well enough.

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