22" Aeration Wand W / .5 Micron Stone

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This stainless air stone on a 22" stainless steel tube is ideal for aerating wort before fermentation. Features a .5 micron air stone that is permanently affixed to a 22", 3/16" outer diameter stainless steel wand. Fits standard aquarium air pump tubing. Easy to clean by soaking in diluted Star San solution or by boiling for 5 minutes. The stone is 1/2" wide by 1" long. Quality made in the United States, the stone on this wand is press fit without adhesives and is sturdy enough to be boiled if needed without damage.

We recommend this finer stone when you are using compressed oxygen, and are aware that the fine pores require more thorough cleaning than our 2 micron Aeration Wand, which is easier to blow through and easier to clean.

Average rating 10 out of 10 ( based on 5 reviews )

Aeration Makes a Difference

Review by Randy on 2/6/2022

I have been using this wand for many years now and can say that it is easy to use and it improves fermentation substantially. I use a cheap aquarium air pump, aquarium tubing to a filter (G10 here), and aquarium tubing to the wand. Wand goes into the finished wort as the last step before snapping on the airlock. I pump until the foam reaches the top, usually about 10 minutes. Note: I used to have a filter that fit aquarium air tubing, but I accidentally got it wet and that was the end of it. I bought the G10 filter here, but it doesn't really fit the aquarium tubing (1/4" fitting). I had to heat and stretch the tubing to fit over the filter barb.


Review by Nadia Sides on 10/5/2020

WORKS WELL !!!!!!!!!!!

Easy to use and clean

Review by Steven on 10/10/2014

No issues with clogging the smaller aeration stone. The wand is well constructed and easy to clean and sanitize. Have noticed an improvement, especially higher gravity brews.

Highly recommended

Review by Ethan Fox on 1/26/2014

Works much better than an aeration stone alone - the attached steel tube makes positioning the stone on the bottom of the fermenter a non-issue. Important when using O2. Great workmanship - highly recommended.

Great Item

Review by Ross on 10/20/2013

I have used this on two batches of beer and have had the best fermentation ever. With aeration with 02 and a starter yeast my last batch of beer was bubbling in 5 hours. Great item.

May 16, 2021 by Al shene

Q: Can a air brush compressor be used with this stone

A: It might work. We have never tested one with a 0.5 micron stone so we can't say for sure if the compressor will produce enough pressure to push the air through the stone. Even if it works, it will take much longer to aerate your wort to the same level of oxygen you would get with a short burst of pure oxygen since the air it will be pumping is only 21percent oxygen.

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