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This German-made one way gas check valve features 1/4" threaded flare fittings, to fit standard threaded ball and pin lock gas connectors. Prevents beer from backing up into gas lines. This releases at 3psi, and is a great way to add a one way valve to your threaded ball or pin lock keg connector.

Note: These should not be disassembled, they can be very hard to put back together, and replacement parts are not sold individually. Click on the  for a pdf of the assembly diagram.

This shows the Keg Gas Check Valve screwed onto a ball-lock keg connector.
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Review by Lucas on 6/16/2020

Is perfec, thank

High quality in-line piece

Review by Eric on 5/14/2020

I can't say I've experienced backflow, but looking into my keg coupler, the thing prevents backflow is a flimsy piece of silicone or something similar. So if this keeps any issues from occurring and dirtying my gas line, I'm all for it at the price point.

Must have

Review by JS on 1/24/2020

I have a 4 tap system and because I force carb I was getting beer back into my gas lines which over time made the lines skanky. When I rebuilt the gas lines I added these as $10 x 4 is cheaper than the time it takes to rebuild the lines. I wish I had thought about these when I built my keezer. Love Williams Brewing, always great service.

Quality Check Valve

Review by Kris Walker on 11/2/2018

I have found this to be very effective in preventing liquid into the gas tubing. However, my only issue is since it is a pressure release...it does not measure the pressure in the keg as well as a non check valve system. An issue I wish I knew prior to ordering.

Must have in kegging

Review by STEPHEN HAMILTON on 9/3/2018

I can't count how many times I was force carbonating, and beer goes back into the CO2 line. This solves the problem. The key is this check valve goes right on the ball valve, so there isn't a way for liquid to come out of the gas line. I had one at the regulator, and with enough pressure liquid still creeps up. I have another one that works, but since this is clear you can verify that you aren't having any seepage! Great product!

Nov 22, 2020 by Michael

Q: What materials are any parts that would potentially contact any liquid made from, i.e: stainless, plastic, plated brass, etc.?

A: Plastic and stainless parts are inside. This valve should keep beer out, and if it becomes full of beer, it should be replaced.

Aug 17, 2018 by Mike

Q: Can these be disassembled and/or cleaned?

A: Not recommended as replacement parts are not available, and they are very hard to put back together in the correct order.

Feb 18, 2018 by Edward

Q: Your description says it is a gas-side check valve. Is this also suitable for using on the liquid side of the keg, so one can force carbonate through the dip tube on the beer-out side? The liquid side gives more CO2 contact with the beer over time.

A: It should work fine on the liquid side, as long as beer does not contact the check valve.

Oct 24, 2017 by Bill

Q: I use a hose from the dip tube to the bottom of the keg with a carbonation stone on the end. Should this check valve keep the beer from coming into my gas line ? I bought 2 and I am getting beer in the gas line. Do I need to remove the tube with the stone

A: We are not sure why this is happening, do you know what the pressure in your keg is when this occurs?

Oct 16, 2017 by Zack

Q: Does this allow gas flow in both directions? Or does it only allow gas flow in a single direction while preventing both gas and liquid flow in the other direction?

A: This only allows gas to flow in one direction.

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