Ball Lock D Type Sankey Coupling

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Low Profile Sankey Adapter
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If you have a ball lock draft system, and want to dispense an occasional commercial keg, this coupler is for you. This "D' type Sankey coupler features ball lock gas and beer fittings, and makes it easy to use a Sankey D type keg with any ball lock draft system.  Solid stainless steel with stainless ball lock fittings. Includes a pressure relief valve.

Dec 04, 2022 by Patrick

Q: How tall is a sixtel with this attached when using the low-profile adapter? (i.e., measurement from the bottom of the sixtel to the top of the low-profile adapter)

A: About 27"

Jan 26, 2019 by Andrew

Q: Would I still need the ball lock beer/gas side converter if I had this coupler? Or do I just attach the ball lock barbs directly to this to use a sankey keg?

A: You would need a Sanky ball lock conversion kit. Item numbers P61 and P62. Then just attach your ball lock female connectors to this fitting, and you can use a Sankey keg

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