Digital Keg Pressure Tester

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This digital Ball-Lock Keg Pressure Tester fits on the gas side of any ball-lock keg, and can monitor pressure of a keg that is not hooked up to a C02 line.  This can be very useful in monitoring the progress of natural conditioning.

0-90 PSI range, fits ball-lock kegs only.  Digital design features a 0-90 PSI range, selectable PCI/BAR,KPA modes, and a backlight that stays on for 20 seconds when you press the yellow button for 2 seconds.Runs on an included CR2302 battery. This unit is very handy if you have kegs higher up at eye level, and also is low profile enough to let you stack a keg on top.

Note: If beer backs up into your Keg Pressure Tester, it may damage the gauge. Be sure to not overfill kegs when using this, or leave them on their side when full and pressurized.

Average rating 9 out of 10 ( based on 2 reviews )

Great Gauge

Review by Steve J on 12/21/2022

Love this gauge. The lighted background makes it easy to read. I added a Duotight elbow so I can read it standing up. If I need another, I will certainly go this route again.

Nice in darker places

Review by John on 10/22/2022

This little gauge is very accurate, and I like the way it faces straight out from the keg. The light works well when you want to check the pressure in darker areas.

Jun 19, 2022 by Steve

Q: Some pressure gauges don't accurately measure low pressures, showing zero until the pressure gets above a few PSI. What about this one?

A: We do not think this is a problem with the digital gauge. It even measures in fractions of a PSI (for example, 5.6 PSI)

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