Spartanburg Beer Side Pin Lock Conversion Plug

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This beer side aftermarket conversion post fits Firestone Challenger V, VI, or Super Challenger pin lock kegs only on the beer side. These have 9-16/18 threads - we recommend you check your post threading before ordering. This can be done with a thread checker or a 9-16/18 threaded nut. This do not fit other brands of kegs. Does not include needed D12 O ring or needed L92 Universal Poppet.

IMPORTANT NOTE BEFORE ORDERING: This is a custom post we designed that is only used only to convert a Firestone Pin Lock Keg to a ball lock keg, it will not replace the original ball lock post on a Firestone ball lock keg.  Note this does not fit all Firestone kegs, only more recent pin lock kegs with Firestone Challenger V, VI, or Super Challenger stamped on the side.
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