CMB Gas Pin Lock With 3/8" Hose Barb

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Made in Germany by C.M. Becker. Female fitting for the gas side of a pin-lock keg. This fitting has a 3/8" exterior diameter stainless hose barb, and is perfect for connecting 5/16" interior diameter gas tubing directly to a pin lock keg. Good for use in kegerators and other commercial dispensing systems which often have 5/16" interior diameter gas hoses.

To ease the installation of the 5/16" gas tubing over the 3/8" barb and ensure a gas tight fit, heat the tubing in hot water for a minute before installation.

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Better than the tall cheap ones on Amazon

Review by Jason Z on 3/30/2020

I like the little short CMB disconnects as they have not leaked on me and keep the overall height of my kegs down. I had previously ordered the dual pack on Amazon of the taller PERA disconnects and they would leak when bumped and both the gas and liquid barbs were 1/4" barbs.

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