Duotight Tubing Cutter

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Cutter designed for Duotright EVAbarrier tubing and other tubing up to 1/2" exterior diameter. Features a hooked tool on the end to press open Duotight press fit connections. Makes clean straight cuts every time.
Average rating 7 out of 10 ( based on 2 reviews )

Needed for duotight tubing

Review by Stephen on 6/16/2021

I think this is a must have if your going to use duotight tubing. I tried just using scissor but the buts were always off a bit. This helps to get a good staight cut and can be used on other tubing as well. It goes have a little wobble but for the money its worth it.

Just OK

Review by John W on 9/20/2019

Cutter has some play \ wobble so if you do not pay attention it will not be a straight cut. I mainly purchased for the duotight tube remover at the end. Unfortunately this broke on me pretty quick as you need to apply some pressure to remove the tube from a duotight fitting. You can remove just by using needle nose or something similar. Unfortunately I made my connection tubes on duotight spunding valve were a little short and I cannot use plyers to remove the tubing as there is not enough room. The end tool is what I need and it broke on me.

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