Brass Bottle Washer

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Consists of a valve held closed by water pressure that opens when a bottle is pushed over it, releasing a vigorous jet to rinse away yeast dregs or sanitizer residue in seconds. Fits outdoor (male hose fitting) faucets and our E91 Snap-Lock Hose Fitting and E18 Screw-On Adapter. Solid brass construction.

Attaches to your 1” diameter male or female threaded faucet with our E65 + E91 Snap Lock Adapters, or with just our E18 Screw On Adapter or X54 Universal Adapter.
Average rating 9.77777777777778 out of 10 ( based on 9 reviews )

Best bottle washer ever

Review by John Roberts on 4/30/2019

This new improved version is the best bottle washer I have found in decades of home brewing, and I wash a lot of bottles. Because I drink a lot of beer.

better bottle washer

Review by John on 12/20/2017

Contrary to the description the valve in this bottle washer is not closed by water pressure but a spring. This holds the valve closed until you actually want it open. This is superior to the former technology, that tends to spray water all over the place when you first turn on the water, before the pressure builds up enough to close the valve..

Clean Bottles!

Review by Sam on 9/12/2017

My old one died of loneliness but this one seem to work even better. All the pressure you can ask for, gets the fermenters and bottles sparkling!


Review by Kevin W. on 11/1/2016

It works as expected and more... well made, fast and easy flushing of the bottles keeps bottling day simple and less of a headache!

Bottle washer

Review by Jeff C. on 1/27/2014

This is a great product. No homebrewer should be without one of these!

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