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Used for priming in small amounts, and in larger amounts as a malt stretcher. Our corn sugar is in granular form, for dust free pouring and less caking than powdered corn sugar.

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half cup per keg = good

Review by Ana Maria on 9/1/2009

Pros: This is what we use in our soda kegs, five gallons, works fine, consistent.

Cons: It's sugar; spill and it's a mess

Much easier to use than most corn sugar

Review by Ashley on 9/14/2013

This sugar is granulated, which makes all the difference. Less mess, and easier to measure.

Works Great

Review by Henry on 11/28/2018

As far as i know the sugar has worked great for what i was making. Would buy it again if make more of what i was making. Thx.

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Dec 19, 2019 by terry vincent

Q: I have seen some instructions calling to boil the priming sugar, is it necessary to boil?

A: We do not think it is necessary, although some people think it is.

Dec 19, 2016 by Laszlo Babocsi

Q: How much of this would I use for priming a 5 gal batch?

A: We use 3oz for priming in a keg and 4.5oz for priming a batch for bottling. This is a general starting point.

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