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Our Hazy IPA is a rich IPA that looks a bit like a milkshake, and has a rich hop flavor imparted by 8 ounces of pellet hops that are steeped after the boil. Traditional IPA bitterness is almost non existent, replaced by a pungent hop bouquet and deep hop flavor. Hops include four 2 oz. packs of selected aromatic hops. Alcohol: 7%, IBU's 60.

Includes 8 pounds of blended malt extract, 1 pound of beet sugar, 4 steeping hop additions (8 oz. total), 125 ml of liquid yeast, and corn sugar for carbonation. Makes 5 gallons with a starting gravity of at least 1.068. Ease of Brewing: Beginner,

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Average rating 9.6 out of 10 ( based on 5 reviews )


Review by Samuel G Probst on 10/19/2021

Very good! Tropical! I will brew this again.

Best value!

Review by Eric on 5/22/2020

This kit is a great value as it comes with 8 ounces of great hops. Also a Smack Pack of Wyeast. The recipe calls for all 8 ozs to steep at 180 degrees. I did modify the hop additions. I wanted a little more bitter and not as juicy. I actually spaced out the additions and boiled 3 ozs. Steeped 4, and dry hopped 1. Turned out great!

Pow! Best Beer yet

Review by Chuck B on 5/17/2019

Wow, 1 week after bottling, I couldn't wait. It's got a head, nice legs, hazy, and best Williams Brewing ale I have ever made since the early 90s. Better than any hazy from the store, and I've had a lot. I think the only thing better was fresh from Russian River in Cal, right from the brewery, and Heady Topper from Vermont. Yummers! Thanks, Williams! Bring us some CIDER some day!

Might try a different hop schedule

Review by Ken Byington on 4/29/2019

It's definitely hazy and pretty true to the style (why can't west coast brewers say New England IPA?) Drinking a bottle after 9 days in the bottle and it is maybe a little lemony. Might try a dry hop using Citra and Simcoe in addition to the kit hops. All in all a pretty good example of the style.

Great taste

Review by Jeffrey Salter on 4/22/2019

This brew was easy to do, and finished product lived up to the description. Great taste, good mouth feel, and great finish.

Oct 02, 2022 by Christopher piatt

Q: When it says step hops does it mean in a bag or what?

A: The 8 oz. of hops are just dumped into the wort after it has cooled a bit right after the boil. They steep as the wort cools, and then most of them are left behind when you transfer to a fermenter. Using a secondary fermenter or conical can be helpful with this kit, as you will end up with more debris in the primary ferment due to all the loose pellet hops steeping after the boil.

Oct 02, 2022 by Christopher piatt

Q: Does the hop addition require a bag for hops?

A: No, they are just dumped into the wort after the boil and stirred.

Sep 12, 2022 by Christopher piatt

Q: What's the recommended temp for fermentation?

A: We developed the kit fermenting at 68 to 72 F, so this would be an ideal range.

Jul 13, 2021 by Hannah

Q: What else do I need that is not included in this kit?

A: As far as ingredients to make the beer, you get everything you need to make the beer. The only ingredient not in the kit is the water. As far as equipment, you will need all the items included in our Home Brewery (Item C44) and a 32-40 quart boiling kettle and 48 clean 12 ounce pry cap or Grolsch-style swing top bottles and a good sanitizer such as Star San (Item A43) or Saniclean (ItemA48) and while you can wait for the wort to cool before adding your yeast, we recommend using a wort chiller (Item E81) to cool the wort quickly to avoid infection.

Jan 28, 2021 by Jason

Q: What yeast comes with this kit. I am located in Florida and need a yeast that is tolerant to fermenting in warmer temperatures...

A: 1318 Wyeast London Ale 3

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