Baltic Black Extract 32 Lbs

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Do you like Black IPA’s or Baltic Porter styles? Our new William’s Baltic Black™ Malt Extract has been formulated with Debittered Black Wheat Malt, Melanoidin Malt, Vienna, and Pilsner malt, for the color and body of a stout style without the roast, bitter aftertaste. As usual, William’s Malt Extracts are concentrated at the lowest possible temperature, for an aromatic, just mashed character. Try this today for an authentic Baltic Porter or Black IPA style beer without mashing! To use this to make a Black IPA, just take your favorite IPA extract recipe and substitute this malt pound for pound. You might want to cut back on the initial bittering hop addition by 10% or so, as a Black IPA usually works best with a bit less pure bittering than a lighter IPA. For a Baltic Porter, try this: Baltic Porter (for 5 gallons) 9 lbs. Baltic Black Malt Extract 1½ oz. Willamette Pellets (add at start of 1 hour boil) no finishing hops 2124 Wyeast Bohemian Lager Yeast 4½ ounces Corn Sugar for carbonation or keg and carbonate Brewing Notes: Starting gravity around 1.068, finishes at around 1.016; Ferment cool, ideally at 65°-68° F. Grain Bill for William's Baltic Black™ 62% Belgian Pilsner Malt 25% Belgian Munich Malt 5% Belgian Black Wheat Malt 7% Melanoidin Malt 1% Belgian Special B Malt

Approximate SRM color value of 6 pounds of extract dissolved into 5 gallons of water before boiling: 

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