2" Tri-Clamp Extension Tube

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This 304 stainless 2" Tri-Clamp Extension Tube is perfect for extending distilling columns with 2" Tri Clamp clamps. 10" long. 

Mar 16, 2022 by Theo

Q: Do you sell a copper version of this?

A: No, sorry.

Apr 01, 2021 by Chris

Q: Hello, What would be the benefit from extending the column on an alcoengine pot condenser ?

A: There is no direct benefit to extending the column on a "Pot Still" condenser. On a reflux still it would give you a cleaner (less taste) product from your wash and it would allow you to add a screen to put botanicals in.

Mar 15, 2021 by Todd

Q: Can I attach an alcoengine condenser to the end with a tri-clamp? Will the threads on the alcoengine fit inside the tube?

A: Yes, you can attach an alcoengine condenser to the 2" tri-clamp extension tube with a tri-clamp. First remove the mounting nut from the bottom of the alcoengine condenser and the threads will fit inside the 2" tri-clamp extension tube.

Oct 21, 2019 by Wil

Q: what are the measurements? 12", 18",36"?

A: 10" long.

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