Wine Acid Testing Kit

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Used to measure the acid content of must (unfermented wine) before fermentation. Uses the titration method (count the drops of testing solution used to change the color of the must) to measure must acidity between .2 and .8%. This is necessary if you are using concentrates or pressing your own fruit to make must (wine kits are already acid balanced).

A must that is not acid enough will produce a bland wine, while too much acidity will result in an unbalanced flavor. Acid can be increased with the addition of Tartaric Acid, Acid Blend, or reduced by malolactic fermentation or calcium carbonate. This kit includes a 4 ounce starter bottle of Acid Blend which will work for most wines and meads.

Average rating 9 out of 10 ( based on 2 reviews )

Works as advertised... but consider upgrades

Review by G.W. on 10/27/2015

It works, but is a little hard to interpret. Using to quantify the acidic perception of my sour beers. This works on the pale-colored ones, but I am not all that good at visually detecting the change on the darker sour brews I've made. Rats! I can see why getting a pH meter to use with it would be a huge improvement in the experience. Happily, that can be added later.

Cheap and Simple Acid Testing

Review by Slim Davis on 7/29/2013

I only make a few batches of wine each year and can't yet justify a Ph meter, especially considering the calibration and maintenance issues; so I ordered the Williams "Acid Testing Kit". This is a basic titration kit. Takes me back many years to chemistry lab...tried it on my current batch of Santa Rosa plum wine and it is so simple. The chemical quantities included are generous and the price is right. One tip: Use a small glass for your titrations and toss the tiny plastic cup included. If you have never done titrations; Google it or buy this kit and follow the easy instructions. It will give you fairly precise acid content (within around .1%) of your wine or must. Totally necessary for better wine.

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