KegLand Transfer Pump Siphon Kit

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Do you need a pump to transfer your fermented beer or wine? Leave your fermenter on the ground and save your back with this kit.  This 12 volt pump is self priming, and will pull beer or wine out of a fermenter into a secondary or your keg. It has a maximum flow of 1.2 gallons per minute, and will lift fluids up to 12½' (although the higher the lift, the less gallons per minute).  Can generate up to 90 PSI pressure and 5" of suction, and can transfer 5 gallons in about 3½ minutes.  A 110 volt transformer is included so you can plug this in anywhere.

It features 3/8" hose barbs for securely attaching the 10' of included 3/8" interior diameter tubing (cut to size, depending on where you position the pump). A 24" siphon tube is included which fits most carboys and fermenters.  

The pump body is 6½" long, 3" wide, with an overall power cord length of 7'. Not for hot wort, recommended maximum fluid temperature is 135° F. Not for solutions with debris like seeds, whole hop particles, or grape skins which can clog the pump. Be sure to pump hot water and or sanitizing solution after each use to clean the pump and tubing.

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