2 Liter KegLand Ball Lock Keg

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The KegLand 2 Liter Ball Lock Keg featuires robotic welds for long life and easy cleaning. You can use this as a growler or a keg line cleaner, although was designed with our item V10 Reactor Carbonation Lid in mind, as the small amount of water in the keg will carbonate quickly with the V10 Reactor Lid. Maximum working pressure 100 PSI, over this amount of pressure, the relief valve will blow.

6" wide, 10" tall. If used with a V10 Reactor Lid, the total height would be 11¾"

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Review by John on 6/23/2022

Very high quality tiny keg, only 1/2 gallon. D'ont know what else to say, but I like it

Dec 30, 2022 by Norm

Q: I read the review on Homebrewfinds https://www.homebrewfinds.com/2021/11/hands-on-review-ball-lock-keg-growler-by-kegland.html My question is, were they correct that it really holds about 3 qts?

A: No, that is not correct. 2L= 67.62805us fl oz, so 2 quarts and 3.63 ounces.

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