Carbonator Keg Reactor Lid

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The KegLand Keg Reactor Lid fits any ball lock keg with an oval lid, and allows you to have continuous carbonated water on tap fed by your house water supply. All you do is install the lid, hook your house water supply up to ball lock inlet on the Reactor Lid, cool the sealed filled keg down to 40° F or less, attach your gas line and set your regulator for 30 to 50 PSI, and attach a water line to dispense carbonated water.

Basic Setup & Use:

1. Position the keg inside your fridge, kegerator, or anywhere cold (ideally below 40° F).

2. Attach your dispensing tap of choice to the soda water outpost.

3. Attach your gas to the gas in ball lock post on the keg.

4. Set your CO2 regulator that is connected to the gas post to 30-50psi. (higher pressures will give you more carbonation so set your regulator pressure to achieve desired carbonation level).

NOTE: It's recommended to use a check valve in your CO2 line to prevent back flow into your regulator.

5. The first time you use this unit it's a good idea to purge the air from the head space of the keg. To do this pull the pressure relief valve on the keg lid about 5 times for 2-second bursts.

6. Connect the house tap water to the water inlet post on the lid of the keg with our DuoTight fitting item B65. An easy way to do this is to install a 1/4" water outlet valve which taps into your water supply under the sink. These can be found at home improvement stores and feature a push in fitting to take 1/4" outer diameter water line, our item L56. Attach the water line item L56 to your 1/4" tubing water valve and attach the other end to our DuoTight Ball Lock item B65. Then snap the B65 fitting onto the ball lock fitting on the center of the Reactor Keg Lid.

 We recommend using a check valve for this application to prevent soda water going back into your house water supply.  You can use either a DuoTight Check Valve item item C53 for 9.5mm outer diameter water tubing or a DuoTight item X34 if you are using 8mm diameter water tubing. For this unit to work well the house water pressure should be 30-50. To regulate your water pressure we would recommend the use of our Inline Regulator KL15035 Inline Regulator.

This simple unit will give you continuous carbonated water as long as the water it refrigerated and you have a supply of C02 and tap water. Great for a bar, cafe, restaurant, or just at home.

This is capable of carbonating 2 gallons per hour if you have sufficient ability to cool the water. The colder the water and the higher the incoming gas pressure the higher the carbonation level you will have.

Note that our KegLand Series X Kegerators feature two threaded plugs on the back top corners which fit our item C35, allowing you to have a male ball lock connector for both your water and your gas. This makes the Series X, with its ability to chill as low as 27° F, a perfect place to house your soda water system.

NOTE: Your house water pressure should be 30 to 60 PSI. If it is higher than this, use a water pressure regulator to reduce your house water pressure to 50 PSI before entering the keg.

Average rating 10 out of 10 ( based on 3 reviews )

Easy Seltzer Option

Review by Shawn on 1/6/2021

This is a very simple way to get seltzer water on tap. You just replace one of your corny keg lids with this one and run a supply of water to the lid and you are done. The video I watched shows how simple this is to connect, and also recommended a check valve to prevent seltzer water from back flowing into the rest of the house. I installed with a the check valve, waited a few days for the water to carb up, and now have unlimited seltzer water on tap.

Money well spent

Review by Jesse on 11/9/2020

I bought this since I love sparkling water but go through it so fast, both wasting a ton of cans in the process and spending lots of $$ on basically water. I started with a keg that I just force carbed but at that high of pressure it wastes TONS of gas, 3 times as much as beer! I bought this since it would get rid of most of the head space and save on CO2, and boy does it ever! This thing now can keep high pressure with very little head space! It's also just amazing to always have fresh sparkling water without having to refill and force carb a keg every week (yes we drink that much sparkling water!) I've had this for a few months and absolutely no complaints. In the end it cost me around $100 for everything needed for this, I was hesitant to make the leap but I'm very glad I did.

carbonator keg lid

Review by louis r federico on 9/27/2020

I gave up on installing my McCann carbinator the moment I saw this product. This product requires no electric and does a great job. I installed this in my freezer kegerator using a 2.5 gallon keg which sits on the compressor shelf fits perfectly. Plenty of product great bubbles, great idea. Installed a third tap on my beer colunm and now have two different beers and soda water, works great.

Jan 23, 2023 by Wendy

Q: Is there an opening in the back of the kegerator (all kegerators) for the water line to come in?

A: Our KegLand Series X and Series X Plus Kegerators have two holes on the back of each. You can use one hole for the C02 gas, and the other for the water, or run both lines through one hole and save the other hole for something else.

Jan 15, 2022 by Joe

Q: What ball lock fits the water inlet on this lid?

A: Any of our beer ball lock connectors, like items G50, B12, or B09.

Sep 24, 2020 by Aaron

Q: How should one connect to the house water line? A standard fridge icemaker line is 1/4" compression fitting. How do I get from the compression fitting to the duotight assembly?

A: 1/4" OD refrigerator ice maker line will fit a 6.5mm x 8mm Duotight reducer (item Z84) then use the standard 8mm EVAbarrier tubing and duotight connectors to connect to your Reactor lid. Don't forget to add a check valve (item X34) to the water line to prevent the soda water from backflowing into your home water supply.

Aug 20, 2020 by Randy

Q: If you have a keezer or kegarator, you have to have a water line going to the inside? Not sure how that works.

A: Yes, this is a valve that keeps your keg filled with water so you never run out of carbonated water. If you want a simpler device that does not refill the keg automatically, check out our product B40, Keg Carbonation Lid.

Aug 12, 2020 by Andy

Q: Does the water pressure have to be higher then the CO2 pressure? It seems like it would to allow water to enter.

A: That is correct. For this unit to work well the house water pressure should be 30-50 psi.

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