2.5 L. Rahr 6-Row Pale Malt

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A light colored base malt made from American 6-row barley. Higher enzyme and husk content than 2-row malt, used for making beers with large proportions of adjuncts such as wheat beer and American style lagers.     2.5° Lovibond.

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This stuff is the unsung hero

Review by Will Schmit on 6/23/2022

I brew a lot of adjunct beers (Classic American Pilsner, Kentucky Common, Mexican Lager). With these types of beer, you need barley malt that can reliably convert the starches. This stuff has all of the diastatic power needed to get the job done. If used as the only malt, it has a distinctive harshness that is required for a lot of American styles. I use it with Briess Blonde roastoats and Maris Otter malt for a smooth character. I have a friend that uses almost the same grainbill for bourbon...

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