2 L. German Rauch Malt

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This pale malt has been gently smoked over a wood fire to create the characteristic smoked flavor of Bamburg-style rauchbier. Needed to make rauchbier, smoked porter, stout styles and more. Use 10% to 30% rauch malt in the mash to impart a smoky flavor.
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I can't wait to understand this stuff

Review by Will Schmit on 9/4/2019

My initial trial was to conservatively add a pound to a kellerbier I have been making. It tasted great, but I am not sure if I need to go "all-in", or if this is best as an accent. We are entering a season that lends itself to experimentation with German beer styles. I have a girlfriend that spent a couple of years over there, who knows what will happen?...

Subtle but effective

Review by Gerad on 3/26/2015

I noticed a subtle smoky complexity in several of my favorite oatmeal stouts, and decided to try to use this German Rauch Malt to see if I could duplicate this in my own recipe. In my first attempt, I used 3lb of this malt and 4lb of Maris Otter as base malts in my 5g oatmeal stout recipe. I found that the smoke flavor was quite intense at kegging, but faded out quickly into the background over the period of about two weeks. The flavor was still there after a few weeks but you really had to search for it to identify it. However, it definitely added the subtle complexity I was aiming for. I brewed another batch this past weekend and upped the rauch malt to 3.5lb to see if I can retain just a little more of the smoke. I am very happy with this grain, it just takes practice to find the right balance of this malt with the rest of your grain bill. Generally speaking, I'd suggest using more than you think you need.

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