Lallemand Bry-97 West Coast Ale

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A dry yeast from Lallemand similar to the very popular strain of yeast used in Chico California. Medium to high flocculation, attenuation: 73-77%.  We have just completed a test brew with this, and find the flavor clean and well balanced. 

11 gram pack is good for pitching 5 gallons.

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Average rating 9 out of 10 ( based on 4 reviews )

New Favorite Dry Yeast

Review by Scott on 4/13/2013

OK, so generally I use liquid yeast 95% of the time. I just prefer the flavors associated with liquid yeast and often have not satisfied when I've used dry yeast in the past. Well, BRY-97 just changed that. I love the flavor produced by this yeast and will continue to use it despite the fact that it started pretty slowly. That's my only issue with this yeast. If it took off like US-05 does then I would have given it 5 stars. US-05 and dry Lager yeast are the only dry yeasts that I've used and liked up until now and BRY-97 is my favorite of the bunch as far as flavor profile goes. This yeast is just as good as liquid in my opinion.

Clean, neutral and dry

Review by Emmertainer on 4/13/2013

This yeast is nearly identical to S-05. I split a 10-gallon batch of US IPA into two carboys to compare the two yeasts. I rehydrated both in the same manner and fermented at 63f in my keezer. The 97 started first suprisingly, but they both finished out at 1.011 (down from 1.068) in about one week. Both yeasts dry out nicely and allow the hops to shine, but the 97 let a tad more malt through. Neither flocc'ed more than the other- long cold crash or filter a must to get it bright. All in all, a great dry yeast to have handy

More Flocculant than US-05

Review by surinder on 3/24/2013

This strain is what it says it is. I ferment with it at 62F and my beers clear much more readily than when I use US-05.

Not convinced it's worth a dollar more than S-05

Review by Nick on 10/31/2012

I was curious to see how this yeast performed in relation to Safale US-05 so I decided to do a side-by-side. First batch was 10 gallons of an all-simcoe pale ale. Half pitched with US-05, half with the BRY-97. fermented right next to each other in the same fridge at 60 degrees. The taste differences were very subtle between the two, almost imperceptible - but both of my blind testers agreed that the BRY-97 was slightly more "hoppy" and floral. Second test was a rye IPA. Higher alcohol, more bitterness than the simcoe. Split decision on this one - one tester preferred the BRY-97 while the other thought the US-05 won out. I couldn't taste any perceptible difference between the two. Worth a try to see if it makes a difference with your recipes and styles, but I'll probably save my dollar and stick with the US-05 for most things.

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