Safale US-05 Dry Ale Yeast

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This Safale US-05 dried ale yeast is a dried American Ale Yeast, reputed to be similar to our 1056 ale yeast strain. This ready-to-pitch dry yeast offers low diacetyl for well-balanced ales. One of our favorite dry yeasts, this one produces a very clean flavor.

Also, we have tested this yeast versus champagne type wine yeast and against turbo yeast, and found it produces a very smooth and aromatic whiskey and bourbon once the final distillation is done.  It also ferments corn/barley mashes out down to 1.000 if you also add White Lab's Ultra Ferm enzyme to the ferment (our item A79).

Fermentation temperature range: 59 to 75° F.

Safale US-05 in 11.5g is supplied in 11.5 gram packets, suitable for pitching 5 gallons of wort(formerly called Safale US-56). Click here to download a manufacturer's pdf data sheet.

Average rating 9.65625 out of 10 ( based on 32 reviews )

My Goto Yeast

Review by Mike Kane on 7/9/2021

I've never had this yeast give me problems. It finishes low no matter how high it's start. It doesn't go crazy where I need a blow off tube and it finishes in about 5 - 7 days.

Took a while to get started

Review by Chuck Dann on 4/13/2020

It's been a while since I used dry yeast. I went with a dry yeast because it was being shipped. It took a couple of days to start working, but after it started it fermented like normal. I prepared a yeast starter the day before and aerated the wort before pitching the yeast, so I don't know why it took a little while to get going. I used it with the Bear Claw IPA mashing kit, and it tasted good with gravities and ABV near the targets. I would buy it again. Maybe prepare the yeast starter earlier.

Very Pleased

Review by Dean on 2/21/2020

Used twice to brew two 5-gallon batches of a Cascade Citrus Smash. Wow, great results. Both times I re-hydrated the yeast following the "John Palmer" recommendation: boil, then cool to about 75 degrees F one cup of water. Keep covered. Sprinkle the yeast over the cooled water (do not stir). After 15 minutes, gently stir and allow to sit for another 15 minutes. Pitch within 30 minutes.

senior citizen homebrewer

Review by wayne poniewaz on 7/31/2019

have used this yeast more than once with excellent results!

Safale 05

Review by Steve Dixon on 2/4/2019

My go to yeast for most ales. Always ready to go. Highly recommend. My favorite.

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