3711 French Saison

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Produces saison or farmhouse style biers that are highly aromatic, peppery, spicy and citrusy. This strain enhances the use of spices and aroma hops. It is extremely attenuative but leaves an unexpected silky and rich mouthfeel.

Origin: Flocculation: Low Attenuation: 77-83% Temperature Range: 65-77F 18-30C Alcohol Tolerance: ABV 12%

Styles: Belgian Blond Ale Belgian Dark Strong Ale Belgian Golden Strong Ale Belgian Specialty Ale Bière de Garde Saison

Average rating 10 out of 10 ( based on 1 review )

Best fermented on the warmer side

Review by Jacob on 11/4/2012

Strong fermentation, especially tasty when brewed at the top end of the temperature range which brings out the spiciness and saison taste. Final gravity the first time was 1.007, second batch is down to 1.010 after a week and still active. Try with pilsner and rye malt, add just a bit of chocolate malt for a reddish color and this won't last on tap long.

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