Merlot Wine Making Kit For 5 Gallons

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Making your own wine is satisfying and easy.  As long as you ferment great juice, keep everything sanitary, and give it enough time to age (3 months or more for whites, 6 months or more for reds), you will get great wine.

Here at William’s, we have developed our William’s California Wine Kits with this philosophy in mind. Our Kits include 192 ounces of pure California varietal grape concentrate, condensed at temperatures that never exceed 180 degrees F. from Central Valley wine grapes picked at their ripe peak in the late Summer and early Fall. To complement the varietal juice, specially selected dry wine yeast, oak chips, and nutrient are also included as needed. Unlike many wine kits featuring added sugar, this 192 ounces of pure concentrate is all that is needed (except for the yeast and addtives) to produce 5 gallons (24 bottles) of varietal wine.

This Merlot kit will produce a full-flavored red wine with a softer character than Cabernet Sauvignon, yet richer than Zinfandel. A very popular grape that produces a rich red that matures a little faster than Cabernet. An excellent choice for those who like smooth red wines, with a bit less dry tannin and boldness than Cabernet.

Click to download the instructions in pdf format.
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So far, I'm liking it

Review by Jim M. on 1/16/2009

Pros: My William's Merlot is premature based on the instructions, but still quite good. If I recall, winemakers are encouraged to wait close to a year before sampling this wine. Like most, I couldn't wait that long. After just four or five months in the bottle, I find this wine certainly as good as a $6 or $8 store-bought Merlot. In time, I expect it to develop complexity. I'll try to report back when I hit the one-year mark. In short, it's quite good now, but we'll withhold final judgment for later.

Cons: I suspect the super-brief instructions are considered a plus when marketing to the never-tried-this-before crowd, but to anyone who's done a wine kit before, they will want to know why no talk of degassing (I guess the long time in secondary fermentation makes it unnecessary) and why no potassium sorbate (I don't know).

California Merlot

Review by bill on 2/6/2010

Pros: I have found the kit takes a lot longer to mature, than the instructions indicate. The end result is quit good if you can be patient. I di not bottle this wine for several months after the times table listed in the instructions

Be patient and this will be good wine

Review by Mike S. on 3/1/2010

Pros: This kit was our very first wine making experience and we found it easy and fun. Bought the first kit two years ago and just started drinking the wine last month. It is quite nice. Buying another kit today.

Merlot Kit

Review by RCH on 5/9/2010

Pros: As with all the William's wine kits, this is easy to make. No need to add anything other than what comes in the kit. I have made wines from other name brand concentrates and kits that I have had to add sugar, acid, etc., and still get a wine that is not as good as this. I have never had a problem with any William's wine kit. No hazing, no off flavors. It’s all been good.


Review by Kaniel on 9/6/2011

I bought this kit with the intent to bulk age it for at least a year. After that year, I bottled it. I had 24 bottles. This Merlot was the best Merlot that I have ever had. I was really impressed. I would describe it as medium body with hints of blackberry and dark chocolate. I bought this kit after hearing how good it was from a friend of mine. I brew beer also. All of my carboys were 5 gallons. So with the price and size, this was the perfect kit.

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Feb 14, 2019 by Christie S

Q: Newbie - Got our kit. Can you tell us what supplies we need to buy to start the process. IE: syphons, plugs, fermenter's. We got the 5 Gallon kit

A: You will need the items we have in our home winery You can use plastic T-corks instead of regular corks and save some money not having to buy a corker or real corks.

Mar 25, 2018 by Jim Daum

Q: Is treated city water OK to use, or must you use untreated water in the wine making kits?

A: A good rule of thumb is if the water tastes good, use it. If the treated city water does not taste as good as bottled water, use bottled water (do not use distilled water).

Sep 06, 2017 by Charlie W

Q: Do you have the 2017 harvest juice in yet?

A: No, probably will not be until late October or so.

Jul 19, 2017 by Kevin Cooper

Q: What kind of sugar should be used

A: Our wine concentrates are 100% grape juice and do not have any added sugar, nor is any needed prior to fermentation.

Jul 13, 2017 by Bob C

Q: Does the juice concentrate have Potassium Metabisulphite as an additive. I usually see that added earlier in the process, just wondering why you recommend adding to the wine instead of earlier. I ordered the wine kit & about to begin. Thanks

A: Yes, sulfites are added to the concentrate and are present in the kits when they are packaged. Our kits also sulphite (camden) tablets which are added at bottling as an anti-oxident.

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