Mash & Boil Reflux Still Package

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This package features the 7 gallon capacity Series 2 Mash & Boil, as well as the pure copper Kegland Reflux Condenser with garden hose quick disconnect fittings, and the Mash & Boil distilling lid.

Includes all the equipment you need except quick disconnect garden hoses or the KegLand Cooling Kit Q74, a Proof & Tralle Hydrometer and Hydrometer Jar.  The Refllux Condenser strips all the impurities out of the distillate, and is perfect for making clear spirits like Vodka and Gin.

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Jul 21, 2019 by Jack

Q: Does this package come with everything I would need to create a mash? IE basket and pump.

A: It has a mash tun without a pump, and a mash basket. So it has everything you need if you do not use a pump to recirculate.

Jan 31, 2019 by Josh

Q: With this setup is it possible to remove the packing, control the temperature, and basically run it as a pot still?

A: Not recommended, the packing is hard to remove and replace.

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